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Being In The Moment

In Thoughts... on April 18, 2012 at 9:34 pm

Two days ago, I found myself flipping through the pages of A Day’s Tour, a travel narrative written by Percy Fitzgerald circa 1887.  Travel writing has evolved over the years, but certain scenic impressions and sentiments remain timeless.


“We long to be away, to be crossing over that night- enjoying a cool fresh passage, all troubles and monotony left behind.”


I found my footing when I stumbled across this passage. This sentiment binds us, travelers, sojourners, from all corners of the globe and walks of life. The desire to step purposefully, to experience life in the moment, to have the senses engaged by new places and spaces is universal. Whether discovering for the first time, the town next door, or the continent next door, the art of travel in many ways is the art of being in the moment.


I’m in Brooklyn right now, in the middle of a writing class and finishing up a photography class, but I can’t wait to hit the road again. Here’s a glimpse at what’s to come:


Charlotte, North Carolina

Cleveland, Ohio

New Haven, Connecticut

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Rochester, New York


Tokyo, Japan

Osaka, Japan


The Marshall Islands


As always, if you have tips pertaining to any of these locations or know wine loving’ friendly folks who reside in these areas, don’t hold out.


My site, Sojourner’s Sojourns, will also be getting a much-needed face-lift in the coming two weeks. I’m excited for her big reveal.


Be present. Step forth.


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