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The Imperial Palace and Gardens

In Japan on January 1, 2011 at 9:24 am

A side view of the palace. Note the evergreen trees and the shape they are cut into.

Sweet Makiko, who I met while training to go to Mozambique lives in Tokyo and we met up a few times. She took me around and showed me the ins and outs of Tokyo. Well, she showed me what she knew, she had just moved to Tokyo from Osaka and was almost a tourist herself. But Makiko was Japanese and spoke Japanese, that means she was able to translate and explain bits and pieces of the culture to help me better understand the complex hub that Tokyo is.

After meeting me at Hotel Okura, where I am staying with my now fiance (that’s right 😉 I got engaged last night :0)  ) we traveled via the subway in search of the Imperial Palace and Gardens.

The Tokyo subway map. Say what?!?

The Palace, home to Japans emperor and his family was quite the sight. Surrounded by a moat filled with swans and giant gold-fish, the palace and gardens are hidden behind a giant wall. Open to the public, complete with a museum, the palace is a major tourist destination.

Swans in the moat

The palace from a distance


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