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Beautiful Arenal

In Costa Rica on June 26, 2009 at 6:01 am

On our way back from Nicaragua ( a very confusing way back due to a bus mix-up and a rain storm) we decided to stop in Arenal before returning to San Jose.

Arenal is the lush mountainous region in the north. It’s famous for its volcano.

Talk about fresh mountain air! Arenal was simply stunning.

I went on a hike through a rainforest canopy.

the first leg of my hike

the waterfall from a distance (this was to be our final destination)

how beautiful is that? once we entered the rainforest it was like stepping into a different world

this tree was enormous

at last, the waterfall up close

too bad i left my swim suit in san jose, but relaxing on the rocks will do

"seasons of mist and mellow fruitlessness"- keats

I went on a horseback trek through the mountains.

of course my horse was crazy and started galloping and running at record speeds away from the group

There were so many things to do, all of which were easily arranged at our hostel. Arenal is a major tourist stop in Costa Rica and there is no shortage of hostels and spur of the minute activities to partake in.


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