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Beautiful Grenada

In Nicaragua on June 22, 2009 at 4:39 am

Nicaragua was a last minute, spur of the moment trip. I travelled to Costa Rica for a few weeks, and my friend Liza and I found ourselves with a little extra time on our hands. San Jose was rainy and cool, we needed out. We packed our bags, hopped a bus, set off without much of a plan and led ourselves on a tour of the charming colonial city Grenada.
Grenada was only about ten hours away from San Jose. The bus ride was cheap and efficient. The ride was beautiful, I got a really great sense of Costa Rica as we travelled through the countryside. I made a mental note to stop off at Arenal on the way back.

The food in Nicaragua was fantastic. I am a big fan of the plantain and cheese in a banana leaf dish (I have no idea what it is called). The central market was a great place to grab cheap bites. Restaurants were also ubiquitous, boasting a host of local and international cuisines. Grenada stands out in my memory as a wonderful, laid-back, friendly place.

Hammocks were everywhere. The weather was wonderfully warm and humid. Peopole seemed so genuinely happy and were extremely patient about my humble attempts at speaking Spanish.


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