on travel, thoughts, and the art of short fiction

More madness in one act

In Mozambique on May 31, 2008 at 3:15 am

(In the teachers office. Sojourner, Tamika and Gierdre have just returned from breakfast)

Teacher: Oh did you forget
Sojo: Forget what?
Teacher: You don’t want to give the exams
Sojo: What? Am I supposed to be giving an exam???
Teacher: You don’t want to?
Sojo: Want to what? Nobody told me I was supposed to give an exam
(The other girls agree)
Teacher: (Laughs)
Yes well it’s very important, you must give, we must hurry
Sojo: Wait what exam am I giving, to which students, what are the instructions, how much time do they have?
Teacher: Ah, did you forget?
Sojo: Forget? Nobody told me anything. Did you forget?
Teacher: Come girls we must hurry the exam has started
Sojo: If it’s started how are we going to give it?
Teacher: Yes, but…
(His phone rings, he looks to see who it is)
Ok wait!
(He goes to the doorway)
Yes, hello my friend, how are you? No I’m not doing anything. Yes, yes, things are good and you?
(He walks away from the building, leaving the Development Instructors annoyed in the middle of the room)
Sojo: Why?


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