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Let’s add scorpions to the list now

In Mozambique on April 14, 2008 at 11:33 pm

I saw my first scorpion today.
It’s coloring was odd, bright yellow which translates to full of venom.
It was roughly the size of my hand and luckily for me dead as a doorknob.

I found it in the sand on my way to lunch. I would of course spot it, I can spot an insect in a darkened movie theatre. I made Tracy come over to confirm that I did indeed have my first scorpion sighting and it was confirmed.

I was told that there were no scorpions in Inhambane. I was lied to.
I’ve been happily walking around in the bush in the dark in flip flops because I was assured that there were no scorpions.
I’ve been lucky but it’s time to change my habits.

First, I need to trade in my flip flops for a pair of actual shoes – boots would be preferred.


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