on travel, thoughts, and the art of short fiction

Week-end Update

In Mozambique on April 6, 2008 at 5:09 am

-Margarita Pizzas in Town
-Akisha sleeps over – Slumber Party like ten year old girls!
-Hard core UNO and TABOO gaming

Akisha in our spare bedroom- looks like an institution

i've moved back in my room and am safe beneath my net

– Screening of “Ratitulle”- Such a cute movie
– Screening of “Weeds” season one
– Lunch on Tofo beach
-Drinks in town with our friends
– First concert at a dance club  called “ZOOM” to see Stuwart Sukuma (a popular Mozambican singer)
– First time dancing the Pasada (Mozambican salsa-esque dance)
– Winning second place in a Pasada concert while being the only non-Mozambican on stage out of 12 Mozambican women and having only learned the dance two hours prior ( ;o) – I’m good! )

– Going to bed after sunrise- Sleeping in
– Screening of “Weeds” season two
– Diner with friends at Sem Ceramonia in town (here I am now)

Tomorrow is Mozambican Women’s Day!!!!
Three day week-end, no work


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