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Mini Photo Gallery- Inhambane, Mozambique

In Mozambique on March 30, 2008 at 9:56 pm

Sojo and Tracy in the Brush

Tofo Beach after the big cyclone hit.

The chickens in our front yard

Old Portuguese houses, abandoned since colonization

Country roads- the shortcut to our house

Our stately mansion- home sweet home

Inhambane Town

Inhambane Town

My students at an evening course

Our students performing for the community- A song about AIDS

Kids from the community engaged in a sac race- go...go...go...!

Our neighbor's kids playing on a truck

Tofo beach weekends 🙂

Tofo Beach

Wherever Tracy goes, a flock of dogs follow (because she feeds them-geez!)

Tracy at Tofo taking a drink break

Drink break for me too

One of our favorite restaurants on Tofo beach

Sunset Tofo

Tofo Beach

The Indian Ocean at Tofo

The clouds at Tofo

cloudy tofo before the storm


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