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In IICD Massachusetts on December 4, 2007 at 11:07 am

Today was a much better fundraising day. We hit Northampton again and I must admit I like the town. The people are super friendly and approachable. And wonder of all wonders, my can was full of MONEY!!!!!

I did encounter some crazies though (of course). On the up side, they kept me company on the freezing street corner so it wasn’t too bad.

One guy swore he knew me from a bar in Williamstown circa 1979. I kept telling him that I was born in 1979 but it did no good. The man was convinced he knew me from “back in the day”????

Another man kept calling me Kermit, as in the frog???? What could I do, Kermit it was, Kermit I am.


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