on travel, thoughts, and the art of short fiction

The Bear is Back!

In IICD Massachusetts on September 23, 2007 at 11:39 pm

So yesterday I went for a nice hour long walk in the woods in the morning. It was great. The leaves were beautiful, the air was warm, the birds were singing. I’m just trotting deeper and deeper into the woods and suddenly I see this black thing the size of a four door sedan near a stream. Hmmm.. I think to myself, what could that be??? Then as if it heard my thoughts, a bear lifts it’s head and stares directly at me. I’m looking at it, and it’s looking at me. Slowly I began to take steps backwards. It’s still looking at me, I’m still stepping backwards. Then as if I didn’t even exist, it goes back to drinking it’s water and I turn around and RUN!!!!!!!!!

Day two of building week was yesterday as well. I painted some more ceilings. Picked some flowers and basically that was that. No injuries, no worries.


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